LeadsREV is an auto optimizing performance network that targets adult dating offers in all geos.

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That more than 50% of the traffic you send to an offer is already in their database? That’s especially true in the dating industry and those numbers are insane! That means you’re wasting 50% of the traffic by sending it to just 1 or 2 offers. We use our custom Ping Tree system to make sure that your traffic won’t go to waste on a partner who already has your data. We send the traffic down your list of partners until we find one who doesn’t already have them in their database. If you’ve been selling ad spots through the big adult traffic networks but aren’t happy (enough) with the results, why not try LeadsREV on a few of your ad spots? The results will blow your mind!

Why Send
us traffic?

We know the importance of having traffic on your site and the value of making sure that you only send it to the offer with the best payout. But why just send all traffic to 1 offer instead of multiple offers when you could ensure a higher and more stable payout? LeadsREV collects all traffic data on highly optimized landers and sends it out via our custom build PING TREE system to our various partners. This way you will have access to the best offers and payouts without having to do all the optimizing, testing and technical work yourself. Just send us your traffic and we’ll take care of everything. You can keep a close eye on it and monitor your traffic, signups and sales through our simple and easy to use back-end.

what sets
us apart?

You’re probably still asking yourself why you should send your precious traffic to us and not any other big network. What sets LeadsREV apart is the fact that we have been Lead Generators since 2012. We have tried and tested 1000’s of offers and have handpicked the best ones that already perform well with our own traffic. We’ve build up a personal relationship with advertisers over the years. That’s why we can offer the highest payouts for each offer. Combine that with the fact that we customize the landers and offer pages to fit your site, or source the best for you. We also have years of experience with API’s, Ping Tree systems and traffic monetization. That’s what sets LeadsREV apart from any other AD network.

what should
you do?

We want our publishers and advertisers to spend a minimal amount of time and energy. Just let us do all of the hard work. You don’t need any heavy tech skills or even a complete tech department. We’ll set up and assist you with everything. Starting with simple copy/paste ad tags that you can implement on your site, to building landers and banners and anything else we can assist you with. Our banner servers are connected to a worldwide Content Delivery Network so we can ensure fast banner impressions. All you have to do is use the contact form down below to let us know that you’re interested in knowing more and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

What is Ping Tree?

Our Ping Tree system is our pride and joy! We’ve built it up and optimized it over 10 years for our own traffic. Now we’ve finally decided to open it up for publishers and advertisers! Our ping tree system has 100’s of high quality offers in it for different GEO’s. It automatically optimizes based on EPM / EPC whenever traffic gets sent to this system. Then it only sends your traffic to the offer with the highest conversion ratio. Offers that underperform will not get any traffic and we will keep adding new quality offers weekly. This system has been working really well for us and we hope to share this sales funnel with advertisers and publishers worldwide! Please contact us via our form so we can get to know you and your site before you sign up.

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