Welcome To LeadsREV

Over 50% of the traffic you send to an adult dating offer is already known by the owner of the offer. That means you’re wasting at least half of your clicks by just sending them through a link or banner as they will never ever give you credit for those signups. They are already in their database of users.

This is where LeadsREV comes in as we work with all the big adult dating sites and connect to them by an API registration interface. Simple said, we collect all signup data on our own custom-made landers and ping the data in real-time to all adult dating sites to see who’s having the visitor already in their database and who’s not, once a partner accepted the lead, we forward the user automatically to the members area of that site.

This alone with easily double the number of leads you will generate comparing to any offer you find on the networks. Besides that, we have some more interesting options:

  • 1. We know all the big and serious adult dating owners, they offer us one of the highest payouts and as a source of traffic can do better/worse than another, our system will auto optimize pushing the best partners for your traffic first. This is another big performance booster.
  • 2. To maximize earnings even further, we can offer to serve the banners on your website. This way we will serve the banners in the language of the visitor and giving more weight to banners that perform well with your traffic.
  • 3. Our API partners focusing mostly on the tier 1 countries, as you probably have traffic from many other countries, we have very good deals with other sites in all geos and we will forward that traffic to the best option for your site, again fully optimized. Some networks offer this too in the name of a ‘smart link’.

Hopefully we gave you some insights on what we can do for increasing your earnings.